The Media

Hooza takes advantage of its senior management that has worked over 10 years in digital media broadcast business, media for peace building and social development in the Great Lakes region and the East Africa Community to elaborate the best communication tool to give access to information, sport, entertainment and education to the maximum of our population, beyond the barriers of illiteracy.

Mobile on demand

Audio and video broadcast

Mobile Governance

Mobile information service for Government institutions to people

Communication consulting

Innovation and solution consultancy

News Agency

Production and distribution of local and regional news

Music distribution and streaming

Open the world to rwanda music scene

Business Development

We provide tailor made corporate services

The company

Hooza is a convergent media using digital opportunities to offer a new way to access content since 2012. Using mobile platforms, we broadcast on-demand text, voice and video programs accessible to the majority of mobile users in Africa.

From our headquarters in Kigali, Rwanda, we broadcast daily infotainment, education, music, entertainment and faith based content accessible to over 8.5 million mobile users in the country. Our vast offer in Kinyarwanda, Swahili, French and English is available for all African market ; our mobile subscribers access short and user friendly mobile text, audio and video broadcasts.

Our partnerships with leading international mobile operators and platforms give us access to over 100 million mobile phone users in Africa.

The Experience

We partner mainly with telecom operators, International Media Houses and Government institutions across Africa. With an impressive product portfolio, we have catered clients needs and established a strong customer relationship .

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